Smart Planning

& Project Collaboration

Everyone can see what everyone else is working on and what's left.


Everything you need to manage your team projects

Kanban Board

Visualize work as task cards and collaborate with team members by sharing tasks, schedules, information and comments.

Task Comment

Writing messages on tasks facilitates communication between team members and helps them to make fewer mistakes.

Team Chats

Open communication contributes to a more creative workforce where all members have a deep understanding of the business goal.

File Management

Drag & drop files from PC and mobile and access/attach/share them in real time whenever you need.

Gantt Chart

Check the dependency relationships between tasks and current schedule status and see project scope visually.

Multiple Assignees

Get members on the same page. Assign task to more than one person and work together.

1:1 & Group Chats

Share information quickly and get the answer you want in real time in a 1:1 chat or a group conversation.

Due Dates

Set a task due date to reflect the actual completion date and make sure that everything is completed on schedule.


Stop wondering what’s going on and find out what’s overdue, due soon and coming up and what’s been completed today.

Teamwork Analysis

See the big picture. Our interactive dashboard provides you to see how projects are going and keep track of your tasks and progress. This helps you identify inefficiencies and spot where they are, and what changes could improve productivity and utilization.

Effective Collaboration

Communication is a key to teamwork. Members can select other members to chat by creating groups or talk directly to their teams. Open communication within teams to share the information necessary to carry out tasks.

Project management

Boost your team’s productivity with Plangram. Our Plan Board allows members to create / edit / assign / organize / share tasks with an overview that gives them what they need, whether it’s timeline, files, calendar, messages or Kanban. It’s all about having relevant and real-time data at your fingertips.

Data protection

We protect data in transit with SSL and data at rest with encryption.
Each team is given its own subdomain to check user permission thoroughly and block non-team members.
Even within the same team, each plan can be set with enhanced privacy setting(private/public) for its visibility and access control.

Works On Every Device

Works on PC, laptop, iOS / Android smartphones and tablets.

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