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Introduction, Apps, Account, Password, etc.

  • What's Plangram?
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    Plangram is a collaboration platform where every member can actively work together by managing projects and tasks with chats.
  • Does Plangram have a mobile app?
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    Yes. We have our Plangram app for Android. You can download it at
    Currently, we are working on the app for iOS and it will be released in the near future.
  • How can I create a Plangram account?
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    There are two ways to create an account with us.
    • - With your email address
    • - With your Google account
    • 1. Go to
    • 2. If you are signing up with Google, click the icon and authenticate accordingly.
    • 3. 3. If you are signing up with your email address then enter your email address and choose a password.
    • 4. Verify your email address
    • 5. Click the button in the verification mail
    • 6. Set up a team and fill out the information
    • 7. Click Create
    Now that you are all set up and experience Plangram.
  • How can I recover my password?
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    There is a function called “Forgot your password?” on the homepage. By clicking that link you can reset your password.
Task Management


  • What is a Team?
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    A team is a workspace specifically assigned to a group of members for team-based projects and task management.
  • Can a member belong to multiple teams?
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    Yes. A member can join multiple teams. He or she can navigate different teams through the team menu.
  • What’s a Completed card?
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    Members can mark cards as completed by clicking the green switch button. When completed the card will be automatically moved to “Completed” at the bottom of each column.
  • What are filters for on the Kanban board?
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    There are two types of filters.
    • 1. My Cards: View only cards that are assigned to me or me and others.
    • 2. Completed: View cards that are not done.
    The default view is set to All cards.
  • What’s a Label?
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    A label is a text tag that you can assign to cards for organizing them.
  • How to use Gantt charts?
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    Only cards with start and due dates will be displayed on Gantt charts.
  • What’s a team Admin’s role?
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    Administrators in teams can change the title of teams, invite members and see work progress of plans.
  • What's a Plan?
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    A plan is a collection of cards on a Kanban board and comes with a plan chat room for communication about tasks.
  • What’s a Public/Private Plan?
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    A Public plan can be accessed by all team members and a Private plan can only be accessed by plan members.
  • What’s Archive?
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    Members can use the Archive function when they are done with cards(tasks) but want to access them later. They can still search for archived cards and view them at any time.
  • What's Dashboard?
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    Members can check each project (plan) status, their assigned tasks and details of cards that are overdue, due today and due this week.
  • What can plan members do?
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    Plan members can create/edit/assign/delete cards and chat about them. All members have the equal permission and its data on plans.
  • Can I change dates on Gantt charts with Kanban boards at the same time?
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    Yes, you can. Any change you make on Kanban boards will be automatically updated with Gantt charts in real time.

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